About Southwestern New Mexico

The Area

Southwestern New Mexico is steeped in cultural, historical and recreational resources.  From the Mimbreno People of ancient times to the miners and cattlemen both of the past and present, the history is rich.  Native American, Latino and Western culture is well represented in the art, food and gifts that are found in the historical districts of the towns and cities in Grant, Luna, Sierra and Dona Ana Counties. 

 The area is made up of a relatively small population, great climate, and millions of acres of national forest and wilderness.  So if you are interested in the outdoors, mining, raising livestock, or just a comfortable and safe place to live, Southwestern New Mexico meets the criteria.  


If you enjoy a mild climate, then this is the place is for you!  Rarely, is a place found where there are four definite seasons coupled with such mild temperatures.  Spring bursts with life when leaves bud, and flowers open, Summer is marked with monsoon rains that keep the temps down while providing precious moisture for the high desert landscape.  Fall is marked with spectacular color, both on the ground as well as in the Mimbres Valley where the multiple species of deciduous trees turn to bright yellows and oranges.  Winter time seems like the time when this seemingly overactive landscape rests, however, mountain snows create beautiful views from the ranch, and you may wake up to a dusting now and then.  

Summer months have an average high of about 88 degrees.  Winter lows average about 27 degrees and rarely fall much lower than that.  

Nearby Cities and Resources

 Located approximately 30 minutes from the ranch is the quaint town of Silver City which is widely known for its historic downtown district where the original mining town built around the mid 1800’s has been transformed to a colorful cultural, artisan and culinary mecca. From the museum at Western New Mexico University, to a multitude of galleries and specialty restaurants, there is something for everyone!   
Silver City is also known as the southwestern gateway to the expansive 3.3 million acre Gila Wilderness, where hiking, camping, fishing, and hunting opportunities seem limitless. If you’re not into the wilderness thing, there are literally tens of thousands of acres of National Forest and other attractions that can be accessed by regular vehicular travel, like the multiple hot springs in the immediate area. Nearby water recreational areas include Bill Evans Lake, Bear Lake and Lake Roberts. For a larger lake, Elephant Butte is just a beautiful drive over the Black Range, about an hour drive.
Chino Mine is a major employer in the area and is located only 20 minutes from the ranch. Chino is also the home of the Kneeling Nun which is a well known landmark as well as a religious treasure to the locals.